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Shell. 2024. Oil and acrylic on linen. 80x65 cm.jpg
Miranda Holmes

Now Sounds

June 07th - June 30th

We invite you to see Miranda‘s work and to join us at Vorfluter for the exhibition opening on Friday June 07th 2024, 7pm.


Miranda Holmes embraces expansive notions of identity and intimacy in her paintings, drawings, and installations. Her work speculates on how we shape one another and the places we inhabit through spaces of overlap. Using transparent films of paint, Holmes layers shapes of everyday objects within figures, entangling them with the cups they hold, the drawers they open, and the shoulders they lean on. 


LeaWalloschke_Post_ Tiger_King_Still_1.png
Lea Walloschke

Chaos in the Vicinity of a Singularity

May 10th - May 24th

We invite you to see Lea‘s works and to join us at Vorfluter for the exhibition opening on Friday May 10th 2024, 7pm.


„Chaos in the Vicinity of a Singularity“ dives into the intricate dance of perception amidst life‘s manifold transformations and experiences. Much like the mind-bending phenomena of time and space in physics, our daily existence is marked by a constant flux of thoughts and sensations. While our physical being resides in the present moment, our consciousness navigates a chaotic tapestry of past, present, and future.


Helena Ospina Lizarralde

One Stitch per Second

April 5th - April 20th

We invite you to see Helena‘s works and to join us at Vorfluter for the exhibition opening on Friday April 5th 2024, 7pm.


“One stitch per second” is a project that interrogates the relationship between manual labor and time productivity in the art field. As a starting point Helena Ospina reflects upon the relationship with her own hands as working tools, engaging in a durational process of surveillance of one’s own productivity in regards to the suggested velocity of the modern city.


Fake Face_01.jpg
Rieko Hotta

Recurring Dream

February 23rd - March 15th

Open: Mon, Thu, Fri 12:00 - 17:00

We invite you to see Rieko‘s works and to join us at Vorfluter for the exhibition opening on Friday February 23rd 2024, 6pm.


What and how do you scan and touch in our era, where do the real and non-real coexist, and what remains after your own process of filtering? How do we translate symbols from mere images into specific meanings? How do we translate figures from combined images into specific meanings?


Gidon Sack

Infinite Regress

January 19th - February 09th

We invite you to see Gidon Sack‘s works and to join us for the exhibition opening on Friday January 19th, 6pm

Gidon Sack’s paintings are expansive and speculative zones, where facts and fictions converge.


Often responding to the phenomena of delirium, ecstasy and hysteria, his practice dissects aspects of mass psychology and the sociology of rituals which dictate our daily lives.


7. cm 18x24.jpg
Katarzyna Debska

Expiry Date

Sound/compositions for the videos: 

Jerzy Mączyński, Weronika Bielecka, Olga Kozieł + more


Exhibition from December 01st - December 15th, 2023

We invite you to see Katarzyna Debska´s works and to join us at Vorfluter for the exhibition opening on Friday December 01st 2023, 7pm.

Can you imagine a world without plants? Let‘s move for a moment into the near future. As a result of progressive crimes against nature, in 2040 plants practically became extinct- they have disappeared as a result of systemic negligence, ecocide ceases to be just a symbolic concept. How would we live if we only co-existed with non-physical plant substitutes? 


invitation front proposal_cleaned_edited_edited.jpg
Nasia Papavasiliou


Curator: Gonzalo Marales Leiva


Exhibition from November 10th to November 24th, 2023

We invite you to see Nasia Papavasilou´s works and to join us at Vorfluter for the exhibition opening on Friday November 10th 2023, 7pm.

Body, fortress of wonder, fractures and falls to the threshold. Sorrow.

What beckons to look amidst cracks, still and shifting shadows, humble wet miseries of a divided wholeness?


Image front.jpg
Nathalie Rey & Enric Maurí

Oh dear! I shall be too late!

Curator: Ayça Okay


Exhibition from September 29th to October 20th, 2023

We invite you to see Nathalie Rey´s & Enric Maurí´s works and to join us at Vorfluter for the exhibition opening on Friday September 29th 2023, 7pm.

„Oh Dear! I shall be too Late!“ by Nathalie Rey and Enric Maurí is a multidimensional artistic exploration of contemporary society‘s challenges, driven by a critical perspective on neoliberalism‘s consequences. 


Gonzalo Morales Leiva


Curator: Raúl Arellano

Exhibition from September 1st to September 22th, 2023


We invite you to see Gonzalo Morales Leiva‘s works and to join us at Vorfluter for the exhibition opening on Friday September 1st, 7pm.

In the Inca Empire civilization, the Khipukamayuq designed quipus: systems of strings and knots that served as records, capturing and transmitting knowledge and traditions. Despite colonization attempting to diminish their significance, quipus endure as a testament to Andean heritage. Quipus stand as emblems of human thought, urging us to reconsider our roots and our relationship with our historical legacy. 


Paula Kaniewska

Soft Power

Exhibition from June 23th to July 14th, 2023


We invite you to see Paula Kaniewska‘s works and to join us at Vorfluter for the exhibition opening on Friday June 23th 2023, 7pm.

Sound Performance by Ángeles Rojas will start at 8pm.

Can a fence made of balloons keep anyone out? The exhibition “Soft Power” points to the arbitrary nature of borders and searches for ways to open them up. In collaboration with the composer Ángeles Rojas, Paula Kaniewska explores the issue of divided and inaccessible space by employing balloons: enclosed and trapped air. These fragile, yet surprisingly flexible and resilient, objects are the building blocks for Kaniewska’s barrier-shaped installation but would burst upon contact with the sharp wires of actual fences. The tension between the need to demarcate territory and the oppression of boundaries governs the exhibition – air deflates from this pumped-up border and resonates with the sounds of the confined spaces.


Annabel Paran

Hot To Get Good At Dying

Exhibition from May 12th to June 1st, 2023


We invite you to see Annabel Paran‘s works and to join us for the exhibition opening on Friday May 12th, 7pm


„..all losses are temporary.“


Annabel Paran’s work contemplates the spiritual dimensions of loss. How To Get Good At Dying examines in particular the notion of letting go of parts of the self which were shaped by, and are attached to systems of oppression - the same systems we wish to give up on. 


In the context of fast, consumerist culture, mourning is a rare pause, and therefore subversive: a site of meaningful “dysfunction.” In this show’s proposition, we are both the dead and the grievers. What are we left with if we let go, get saturated with and integrate our losses? Can it be a celebration? Can there be joy in loss?


Encounter, 2023, acrylic paint, graphite, oil bar, on a found map, 210x170cm. Detail 2.jpg
Juan Nazar

Visiting a Stone

Exhibition from April 14th to April 30th, 2023


We invite you to see Juan Nazar‘s works and to join us at Vorfluter for the exhibition opening on Friday April 14th 2023, 6pm.


Just like a stone is a fragment of a rock that is made up of hundreds of smaller stones, Visiting a Stone deals with small findings, frames, or fragments of something that wishes to find its other part. That other part seems to be the artist’s desire to be completed with his history, his childhood, remembrances, and fragments of his memory.

The exhibition approaches concepts of territory and historic interpretation through different materialities, but also inserts itself in the subconscious of the artist himself, who takes inspiration from the German Romantic period, in which a fragment or a part of a ruin was regarded as a vestige of something that still remained unfinished.


Alex Nowak

Puppets on Fire

Exhibition from February 24th to March 17th, 2023


We invite you to see Alex Nowak‘s works and to join us at Vorfluter for the exhibition opening on Friday February 24th 2023, 7pm.


This exhibition is about the inhospitability and fragility of the body. “Puppets on Fire” addresses the human figure and emphasizes its spatial ambivalence between identity and alienation.The puppet on fire burns its own strings not to be tuned by others. The innervated puppet cuts the strings it is attached to.


Florian Huber


Exhibition from December 06th to January 07th, 2023


We invite you to see Florian Huber‘s works and to join us at Vorfluter for the exhibition opening on Tuesday December 06th 2022, 7pm


Florian Huber preserves moments of escapism and turns them into everlasting symbols of desire. He has collected the leftovers from the very last party of Hamburg‘s club Moloch and preserved it for eternity. When it became quiet in the clubs during the first Corona lockdown, the artist took photographs of the Function One Soundsystem in the Waagenbau in Hamburg and immortalized them in paintings. The works become monuments, appealing to our collective memory and calling for a sensitive urban development in which everyday life, residential life and club culture mutually refine and do not destroy each other.


Alicia Luz Rodríguez

No Room for Speculations

Exhibition from November 12th to December 06th, 2022

Join us at Vorfluter for the exhibition opening and see Alicia‘s works on Saturday November 12th 2022, 7pm

In No room for speculations, Alicia Luz Rodríguez addresses the topic of her own lesbian identity with a series of embroideries using mainly kitchen towels and quotidian textile artifacts that have been found or handed over by friends, as material to become stitched text pieces informed by different sources such us banners at dykes march, lesbian herstory archives, quotes from poetry and thoughts of the artist. The exhibition brings together the intensity and the celebration of being a visible lesbian


202206_Paula Vidal_Web©pablohassmann 51.jpg
Paula Vidal

Out of Season Shelters

Exhibition from October 15th to November 05th, 2022

Join us at Vorfluter for the exhibition opening and see Paula‘s works on Saturday October 15th 2022, 7pm

At Vorfluter, Paula Vidal will present her project Out of Season Shelters (OSS), an art installation that investigates and questions the terms “beauty”, applied to priscine nature, and “ugliness”, to humanized nature, in order to critize values implicit in the concept of ecology.


Lamina I_edited.jpg
Krasna Vukasovic

Las Dulces Promesas

Exhibition from September 14th to October 06th, 2022

Join us at Vorfluter for the exhibition opening and see Krasna‘s works on Wednesday September 14th 2022, 7pm

The project consists of a reflection on the concepts of memory and migration approached through pictorial and graphic exercises. It is born from the migration experience of the artist, from Chile to Germany. In this period of adaptation, she seeks to record her migratory process by accumulating different surfaces and graphic materials that contain historical and political images, to later use them as a support for her work.


220521_Vorfluter_Wiebke Käckenmester_Titelbild.jpg
Wiebke Käckenmester

Liquified Self

Exhibition from June 24th to August 06th, 2022

watercolor paintings and photographs

„My work reflects the urge to detach parts of my mind, sense them visually until they are turned into external objects. Emerging from the unconscious, the flow of colors projects invisible fractions to the outer surface. Mostly, I take selfportraits and transform them into watercolor paintings.“



Vorfluter is a transdisciplinary project space for contempor-ary art. We offer space and support for the production and exploration of new work, with a focus on site-specific installations and audiovisual works. The exchange with artists from various fields inspires and motivates to run the „Vorfluter“ as a project space. 





Donaustraße 112
12043 Berlin

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