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Rieko Hotta

Recurring Dream

Exhibition from February 23rd - March 15th, 2024

The exhibition „Recurring Dream” by Rieko Hotta, a Japanese artist based in Berlin, comprises a body of work that develops her interest in the inner landscape. Hotta creates a space that emphasizes this inner place. It is composed of works, which are poised between activity and repose, and evoke the viewers’ memories in the space, which is somewhat intimate, referencing the oneiric images.


In these works, she tries to express the deformed and combined forms of human beings as imperfect and strange creatures with an inner landscape and spiritual dimension. Over the last few years, she has been moving between abstraction and semi-abstraction: Recently she has been working on monochrome paintings with physical and human images using oil, acrylic paints and sprays to examine ideas of embodied abstraction with muted colors. The images of her paintings have come out through mixed and abstracted forms from several media, such as figures of human body, views or signals on the street, images on the internet, and nuances of the word. 


Through her works she explores aesthetics from indeterminacy, based on her question: What and how do you scan and touch in our era, where do the real and non-real coexist, and what remains after your own process of filtering? Further questions would be: how do we translate symbols from mere images into specific meanings? How do we translate figures from combined images into specific meanings?


Rieko Hotta (b.Tokyo) - Japanese artist, based in Berlin.


Her artwork mainly consists of paintings, objects and installations which reference the essence in the uncanny and imperfection and are based on the concept of embodied abstraction with muted colours. 


She was influenced by Japanese minimal art and culture of the 70s and because of this many of her early works were painted with muted colours and a tactile sensibility.


Recently she has been working on monochrome paintings with physical and human images. She expresses the deformed and combined forms of us human beings as strange creatures with an inner landscape. She has also started showing installations and objects connected to her paintings, based on the notion that paintings are related to spatial and bodily experiences.

01: Fake Face, 2023, Acrylic, Acrylic Spray and pencil on cotton, 135 x 100cm

03: Because you are so beautiful, 2023, Oil on linen, 50 x 50cm

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