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Helena Ospina Lizarralde

One Stitch per Second

Exhibition from April 5th - April 20th, 2024

“One stitch per second” is a project that interrogates the relationship between manual labor and time productivity in the art field. As a starting point Helena Ospina reflects upon the relationship with her own hands as working tools, engaging in a durational process of surveillance of one’s own productivity in regards to the suggested velocity of the modern city.


Further on, this exhibition explores the issue of art production in relation to time on a broader sense highlighting relevant questions about labor, rights and wage. The increasing tension between acceleration to meet a global rhythm and the pause that the process requires is present throughout the works presented and a participative installation invites viewers to pose their own questions upon the matter.



Helena Ospina Lizarralde is an artist from Colombia currently based in Berlin. Ospina Lizarralde’s practice stands at the intersection between art and philosophy, her work raises questions with aims to understand the subtle relationship between time and space that contribute to raising awareness of our own existence. She works across different media including ceramics, weaving, video, performance and installation.


A key aspect of Ospina Lizarralde’s research method is building a horizontal field of discussion through participative and public space projects. Her artistic language then shifts between poetic gestures, processual work and long-term actions that enable her to grasp more closely abstract concepts of time. The most essential part of Ospina Lizarralde’s practice is to generate spaces to interrogate what seems to be unanswerable in order to further comprehend our presence.

01: Sample 3.1, Resin, 2024

02: Stempeluhr, 2024

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