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Lea Walloschke

Chaos in the Vicinity of a Singularity

Exhibition from May 10th - May 24th, 2024

‘Chaos in the Vicinity of a Singularity’ gently and tactilely explores the tumultuous convergence of diverse realities. How do we perceive them, if at all, and do they impart any significance upon us?


Walloschke‘s artworks beckon us to contemplate our grasp on reality. Our lives teem with an incessant flood of thoughts and sensations. By stimulating our senses in the present moment, the artist endeavors to reconnect us with the innate curiosity that once guided our understanding of the world.


Delving into the intrinsic connections woven by our minds, Walloschke ventures into realms both distant and near to Vorfluter, illuminating the unseen threads that bind our existence.


In her observation of resource usage and labor in the production of everyday goods, Walloschke intertwines themes of inequity and exploitation. At the heart of the exhibition lies the still life painting ‘Vanilla‘, wherein Madagascan vanilla pods are ensconced in thick plastic - a poignant departure from the sweet associations typically evoked by vanilla. Instead, it serves as a symbol of toil and exploitation, conveying a sense of the harsh realities endured by its cultivators.

The artist examines the subtle intricacies of cause and effect, illuminating the interconnectedness of humanity‘s shared reality. Through ‘Chaos in the Vicinity of a Singularity‘, disparate worlds converge playfully, challenging our perceptions and expanding our horizons.


This relentless amalgamation of seemingly disparate elements serves to honor the complexity of reality, inviting viewers to confront the chaotic tapestry of existence with openness and curiosity.


In this exhibition, a Costa Rican farmer talks about aliens, plastic wrapping drifts through Neukölln, a dried-out river reveals shiny bubbles, Madagascan vanilla struggles on the canvas, and a desperate artist sculpts new worlds out of clay, just to have a plan B in case the mirror portal closes.


‘Chaos in the Vicinity of a Singularity’ evokes a sense of joyful lostness, urging viewers to em​brace the present moment openly and to perceive the world through fresh eyes.



Lea Walloschke, an interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin, showcases a diverse array of mediums in her creative repertoire, spanning from installations and photography to sculpture, video art, performances, and soundscapes.

Embracing disruption and reinterpretation, Walloschke‘s work crafts immersive experiences that challenge conventional norms by playing with the familiar. Through exploration of collective memories and the reframing of expectations, her art incites shifts in perception and dives into the depths of the subconscious. She unravels hidden meanings embedded within societal constructs and daily habits. Rooted in site-specificity and the utilization of found objects and sounds, her work grants access to alternate realities, beckoning viewers to embark on exploratory journeys.

LeaWalloschke_Post_ Tiger_King_Still_1.png
Half Finished Swamp Thing copy.JPG

01: detail of: Post Tiger King, Still, 2022

02: found in hanne´s living room, 2023

03: detail of: Half Finished Swamp Thing Photography on wood, 90×60cm, Spain, 2022

04: Box Solution / Performance aka KOIKATE at Treibstoff Festival 2013 / Switzerland / photographer Miriam Künzli

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