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Miranda Holmes

Now Sounds

Exhibition from June 07th - June 30th, 2024

Miranda Holmes embraces expansive notions of identity and intimacy in her paintings, drawings, and installations. Her work speculates on how we shape one another and the places we inhabit through spaces of overlap. Using transparent films of paint, Holmes layers shapes of everyday objects within figures, entangling them with the cups they hold, the drawers they open, and the shoulders they lean on. 

Now Sounds features work created by the artist since January this year, marking the beginning of her time in Berlin under a DAAD Fellowship in the Arts. Each work attends to thresholds of interaction that mark a relationship in flux. Holmes paints the edges between subject matter as active and buzzing. Subjects and objects slip and seep into one another, destabilizing the Self/Other binary for a fluid vision of experience. The show underlines painting as a site for textures of intimacy to spark, wrestle, grow, or diminish within a single moment. 



Miranda Holmes is a U.S.-based artist whose work explores intimacy and identity. She received her M.F.A. from The Ohio State University in 2022, and in 2017, Holmes was granted a Fulbright Research Scholarship to pursue her practice at UdK. Holmes has had solo shows in Berlin at Raum für Sichtbarkeit and Das Giftraum. Her work has been published in Maake Magazine and New American Paintings. She has participated in multiple group shows and has received various awards, including the Battel Stoeckel award to attend the Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art. She will present a solo show at DePauw University in Greencastle, IN later this year. 

Shell. 2024. Oil and acrylic on linen. 80x65 cm.jpg

01: Shell. 2024. Oil and acrylic on linen. 80x65 cm.

03: Narrow Time. Oil and acrylic on linen. 80x65 cm

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