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Krasna Vukasovic

Las Dulces Promesas

Exhibition from September 14th to October 06th, 2022

LAS DULCES PROMESAS consists of a reflection on the concepts of memory and migration approached through pictorial and graphic exercises. It is born from the migration experience of the artist, from Chile to Germany. In this period of adaptation, she seeks to record her migratory process by accumulating different surfaces and graphic materials that contain historical and political images, to later use them as a support for her work.


The figure of the pilgrim is used methaphorically to manifest and materialize the idea of transit in pursuit of a search and further need. During this transit, the pilgrim makes use of objects she finds along the way and accumulates to mark the stations she overcomes. In the case of the work, each painting was made on a different materiality, found in residual condition during the movements from city to city; thus, the pictorial operations are marks or records of temporalities occurred during a chronology.

The symbolic value of the use of certain materialities is encoded in the crossover between the object found in anonymity, apparently without belonging, and the process of identity construction and (re) memorization of the artist by means of visual and poetic operations.


A migratory process is an image. It refers to the sensation of being displaced from the warm bosom of the mother. There, in that uprooting, memory boils a broth of images. At the same time, they hold and dismantle an identity that was thought to be firm and immovable, altering the uninhabited biography.


Painting is most of the time a confrontation with the unconscious phantasmagoric imaginary that haunts from the shadow of perception. The process of transferring sensitivities into images, words, visual operations, songs and poems, oily drippings, literatures, is a kind of communication between the peregrine that carries its stone, its suffering, its Memory, and the matter it uses to move through it.


New memories are created as we destroy the original sediment that sustains them. Creative processes can be purgatorial acts.

KRASNA VUKASOVIC is a Visual Artist with mention in Painting from the University of Chile, 2018. She received complementary formation in masterclasses with Natalia Babarovic and did a student exchange in the Laurea Magistral program at the University di Bologna (2016 - 2017). She has been working as a university assistant since 2018, at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism U. de Chile and at the Universidad Diego Portales. She is part of the artistic collective La Farmacéutica Nacional. She currently lives in Leipzig, Germany.

Krasna Vukasovic is a chilean artist represented by KSTN Projektraum. Her project will be presented at VORFLUTER Projektraum with the support of KSTN with the organisation and fundraising of the project.

220918_Vorfluter_Krasna Vucasovic-10.JPG
220918_Vorfluter_Krasna Vucasovic-6.JPG
220918_Vorfluter_Krasna Vucasovic-9.JPG
220918_Vorfluter_Krasna Vucasovic-7.JPG
Lamina I_edited.jpg

04: Lámina I, 2019, Oil on paper, 30 x 24 cm

05: Pepperino G, unknown author and year, analog photography, 5,8 x 8,6 cm

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