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The Vorfluter is a transdisciplinary project space for contemporary art. We offer space and support for the production and exploration of new work, with a focus on site-specific installations and audiovisual works. It is this exchange that inspires and motivates to run the „Vorfluter“ as a project space.


Initially, the former store was rented as a atelier and studio for the three founders. In the process of renovation, they decided to run a project space and host regular exhibitions. The found qualities and materials were further developed into a coherent structure of rooms with different characters. A small spiral staircase leads from the street-facing gallery space to a multipurpose room in the basement. The two spaces can be thought of as an entity designed for comprehensive exhibitions or used individually with their specific qualities. The third room faces the courtyard and provides the Vorfluter team with studio space, where projects are developed and workshops take place.

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